Sunday, October 20, 2013

It's been too long.....

New Update 10-20-2013

Mom and I have dug up our old blog in an attempt to communicate more regularly with our children and grandchildren without publishing it to Facebook. Can we do this? We want to create a place where we can share photos and comment on scriptures, activities and events in our/your lives. 
This is a test.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mission Call for T. Mark Frost

We are so grateful for Mark's mission call. He reports to the MTC in Provo on April 13th, 2011. he will be serving in the Argentina Neuquen Mission. We are so happy for him and pleased to see him follow in Tanner's footsteps serving a full-time mission. We will miss him greatly but now he is where he is supposed to be.

Annual Quail Hunt 2010

We had another wonderful time this year on our quail hunt in south Georgia. This year we got to have Alec along for his first hunt. He is an awesome wing-shooter and he will definitely be back for another one. We missed Tanner this year, who is serving his mission for the Church in Everett, WA, but he will be back next year. Kirt was also absent this year, busy finishing up his schooling in Idaho. Hopefully, he too will join us next year. Mark and Jonathon were their normal entertaining selves and kept me and Alec laughing most of the time. It was just the best Christmas ever! We enjoyed having Alec and Melissa for the holidays and loved having them here, not to mention Abbey, Hannah and Emily. We thoroughly enjoyed our three little granddaughters. We love them so much! Thank you Alec for bringing them all home this year.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Clarification on Family Biking

There has been so much talk about the 100 mile bike ride that I needed to clarify. The original plan was to park at the eastern most point of the Silver Comet Trail in Marietta, Georgia and ride to all the way to Anniston, AL, a mere 100 miles in one day. Then we would stay in a hotel there and ride back to the vehicle the next day. yea right. We opted for a modified plan. Karen and I along with the Weilers drove to Anniston, AL and started at the western most point and rode west.
The trail is called the Chief Latiga Trail on this end. We rode 33 miles to the Georgia state line and then back again for a total of 66 miles on Friday. We rode 10-12 miles per hour for ...well let's just say, many hours. We were fine as far as the heart and lungs went but my aching hind end. And yes, we had on padded biking shorts. If any of you are wondering, biking shorts do not make up for not riding a bike regularly. To ride this long you really do need what I call 'bum practice.' Granola bars and trail mix were good but after 5 hours I needed a little more sustinence. After a good dinner and a hotel we were ready for another ride, well sort of. We drove back into Georgia and rode for about 24 miles more and then home. I've added this second picture of our bikes so you could see how Mom handled her bike when we stopped. Her bike always found itself piled on top of mine. It was a super fun trip and oh how nice it feels to walk.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Deep Sea Fishing - Young Men Super Activity 2009

July 25th, 2009
Our Teachers and Priests went on our Super Activity last week to Mobile, AL. We spent two days on the beach and then toured the USS Alabama battleship. We spent the night on the ship in their bunks and played sardines at night on the ship. A little spooky for some of us :) The last day we went deep sea fishing in the gulf of Mexico. We went about 20 miles out and had a great time. No, they are not showing all the fish we caught. We caught about 70 total. We had 24 young men and 7 adults. Sunburned, tired and glad to be home.